Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It 's her birthday, but he's excited

Dancer's birthday is on Thursday, she will be 13 this year. Spark is just besides himself with excitement that his sister is going to be a teenager and he will be the only child in the house. He told me that you are a child until you are 13 and then you are a young lady or young gentleman until you turn 18 and then you are a young adult. He has this age thing all figured out. I told him thank you for filling me in since I didn't know there were such stringent rules about age. He puffed up a bit and gave a look that said "stick with me and I will teach you all kinds of stuff."

He has busied himself all day with decorating and birthday plans. He has been cutting, coloring and pasting. He is making a birthday cake here to hang on the wall.
He has been hanging banners and shiny papers up. This the banner from his fifth birthday when he had a bug theme. We haven't done theme birthday for a few years, I don't know why we got out of that habit.
He spent the better part of the afternoon making this Happy Birthday circle to go around her cake. He dug out a roll of yellow crepe paper from somewhere in the basement and he his wracking his brain on what he can do with it. I think he is so sweet to want to make the day special and exciting for her. If he stays so sweet he will have one lucky wife.

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