Sunday, January 10, 2010

Making Wedding Veils

Long ago, before children, when I got up every day and went to what other's call a "real job" I had spare time. In this spare time I made wedding veils. It has been so long that I actually forgot that I ever did it, that is until a letter came.

In November I went to the mailbox and took out a letter with the familiar handwriting of an old boss. Odd, I hadn't seen or talked to her for well over 12 years. Upon opening the note it became clear that she remembered that I made wedding veils even though I didn't. Her daughter was getting married and could I make one for her. Sure, why not, hopefully it is like riding a bike. With the holidays and all I finally got around to making it today. The wedding is in May so plenty of time.


So I email back and forth with her daughter who just wants a "simple" veil. Whenever people who don't sew say "simple" you know you are in trouble. She wanted a circular veil, which doesn't exist in wedding supply stores so I had to make a pattern, with a simple cord around the bottom. The only way to get that satin cord around the bottom is to painstakingly sew it on by hand which took about three hours with invisible thread that is truly invisible unless you work over a dark sheet of paper. I will say though, the girl has taste. As simple as it looks I think it will be very elegant with her dress. Here is Dancer modeling it wearing a red t-shirt and her hair down so it isn't shown as well as it could be. As I was pinning it on her head I thought, when this is the real deal I will probably be teary eyed.

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