Monday, January 25, 2010

Sharing my urge to purge

The food shelf set up was today. Along with the food part there is also a clothing, book, toy and housewares part when people can come and just take whatever they can use free of charge. We take most of our extra stuff there when we are done with it. That means that the week before the food shelf I usually get the urge to purge at least some of what seems like a overwhelming amount of stuff we have in our closets, etc. I am not sure where all this stuff even came from, it seems to muliply on its own.

This month I decided that we would go through our bedrooms and clean out what we weren't using, wearing or in love with anymore. Along with that I told Spark that his room would be cleaned, this is a constant battle for us, and I wanted it done by Friday. I choose Friday because then if he didn't get it done I would have the weekend to get him motivated to get the job done. Friday came and it didn't look like he has done anything in there all week even though he had been in there many hours. Saturday came and he still wasn't sharing in my urge to purge excitement and Dad had to get involved. He took away any and all video games and t.v. Sunday came and there was still not much accomplished because his weekends are for "relaxing." News flash here, they are not. After he finally realized that he was going to do it, or forget what a t.v. was for, he got it picked up. The 45 minutes job was completed, it only took a seven days and two frustrated parents.

Dad, Dancer and I got on the purging band wagon and went through our closets and drawers in about half an hour. At the end of it all we ended up with two huge garbage bags full of toys and clothes. It is actually enjoyable to look in the closet now!

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