Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ice pelts and disappointments

This morning the news was full of school closings and late starts in the southern part of the state. I held my breath all day before we headed into town that the bad weather would hold off here until later tonight. While we were at the YMCA for Spark's swimming lessons and gym class it started to sleet. The temps are hanging right around 32 degrees so it is coming down as sleet which is horrible for driving.

We stopped for dinner and it seemed as though we were going to dodge the really bad weather. I breathed a sigh of relief and we headed for the grocery store. We were not in there more than a half an hour and by the time we got back out side little ice pelts were falling and accumulating on the pavement. They were big enough that they actually hurt when they hit your face. The car, which was warm from driving, was completely encased in ice. Why the ice scraper is hanging in the garage instead of in the car I don't know, but I am out there being pelted with ice trying to scrape the ice off the windshields with a CD case so that I can see to drive. I will take snow any day over this ice stuff.

Dancer gets into her dance class and her teacher isn't there. The owner comes in and tells the girls that her teacher wasn't working there anymore. She came out and told me that she had to fire her for some reason or another that didn't really make a lot of sense. Dancer was just saying at diner how she was excited to see her teacher at class as she really enjoyed having her for a teacher, I think all the girls did.

As we were leaving we got a note that said that all the girls should be taking gymnastics next year for new dance routines. We also got the letter and summer schedule about auditions for next years showline, that everyone has to train year around and that not everyone will be given a placement in a show line to make room for others who are in basic classes this year. Every year there have been girls that aren't asked back or even let go during the year, but to put it in writing, in capital letters no less, just seemed so harsh.

There have been a few things that Dancer has not been happy with this last year but with her teacher being fired, the extra gymnastics class and the audition letter Dancer was just livid. She got in the car, read the papers and announced that she is not dancing there next year. She was already leaning in that direction but tonight sealed the deal. I must say that I can't blame her and I support her decision. I am actually proud to see her take a stand on something she believes is unjust. It is just a little disappointing as she loves to dance and there isn't another studio that is close enough to us where it would be very convenient for her to dance. The next closest one is about 45 minutes down the road and it would be at least two trips a week.

Since we got home Dancer has been saying every few minutes that she just can't believe that her teacher was fired, especially in the middle of the season. She shared that she even wanted to cry in class when they were told the news but by not saying anything she was able to keep it together. She came out as I am typing this and said that maybe the events of tonight and her favorite teacher moving away the beginning of this year is a sign that she is suppose to try something else. She is going to be okay. I think she grew up a little bit tonight.

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