Sunday, January 3, 2010

Scads of Slipper Socks

The cold weather, and the fact that we heat with fuel oil and keep our house a non-toasty 62 degrees, sparked a slipper sock sewing frenzy. We started because one of Dad's old pairs had gotten a huge hole in the heel, and then since the sewing machine was out, Dancer and I just kept on sewing.

The three pair on the upper right are a made from a pattern called The Green Pepper Inc. number F837. These are very, very easy to make but everyone said that the pattern I used before was more comfy.

The bottom slippers, and the flowered one on the upper left, is a pattern called Bonza Booties by Timber Lane Press. With this pattern I have to make all the soles wider because the pattern is just so narrow. These also go together quickly, about 30 minutes per pair, so not really much more work than the Green Pepper pattern. If Dancer does the sewing, and I do the pinning and unpinning at the same time, we cut it down to about 15 minutes per pair. One good afternoon and you can have slippers for the whole family.

Grandma also loves to wear these slippers so she has called dibs on three pair.

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