Friday, January 8, 2010

A quiver full of arrows

A tale of Robin Hood prompted this activity. The kids made his quiver and arrows to go in it.

Using a wrapping paper roll left over from Christmas they cut the quiver about six inches long and covered it with brown craft paper. For the bottom, they cut a circle and made small snips all around so that it could seamlessly glued on. Think of the cover of an ice cream Push-Up. Next was to take a piece of yarn to the inside of the quiver and then on the bottom for the strap that would go over Robin Hood's shoulder.

The arrows were made from straws and construction paper. The arrow heads that Spark made were hearts so that Cupid could shoot them. His mind usually runs at about 90 mph and so he often combines all kinds of different things into one project. It is actually quite fun to see what he comes up with. The feather ends were construction paper just fashioned into feathers.
A larger quiver, that could be played with, could be made by using the whole wrapping paper tube and joining the straws into longer arrows.

This one was pretty simple, I left the kids alone on this one and it took them about 30 - 40 minutes to have the whole thing done. I try not to direct their craft projects anymore, unless instructions really need to be followed, because otherwise they aren't as creative as I know they are capable of.

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