Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Presents and lunch

Dancer's birthday was celebrated today, except for the cake, because tomorrow we are super busy and Dad works.
Her presents have been wrapped for a few days and sitting out on the couch just teasing her on what might be in them. She guessed what two of them were right away but we must of have done a good job concealing it because she said "I can tell by your faces I am wrong."

This morning she finally got to unwrap them.
She was delighted with all of them.
Our birthday tradition is that we go out to dinner and movie. None of the movies that are out right now looked enticing to Dancer so she asked to go to the twin cities for lunch instead. She wanted to go to Fudrucker's to get a malt, which sounded great to the rest of us, it's our favorite restaurant.

Dad worked last night so he grabbed a couple hours of sleep and then we all piled in the car for the trek to the cities. She got her malt, we did a little shopping and headed back home. A wonderful day I hope she remembers forever.

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