Monday, January 19, 2009

Exploring blindness

After reading a couple of book about blindness Spark tried his hand at writing in Braille. The top line says "Spark" and the bottom line is "Dancer".

The kids tried an every day activity without being able to see. We choose brushing their teeth.

Spark had an easy time finding his tooth brush. He some how chews the end so it looks like Q-tip. Yes, I could get him a new one but it takes him less than a week to get it back to the Q-tip stage and he always has good check ups. He also found the tooth paste with out a lot of difficulty. Dancer had a harder time finding the paste and finally gave way to taking half the things in the draw out to find it.

Feeling for the faucet.

Got a lot of tooth paste on there, probably about a teaspoon. Dancer didn't hardly get any on hers.
With all the tooth paste, he had it dripping down the handle of his tooth brush and even on the blindfold. Also a huge mouthful that he just had to spit out because it was too much to manage.

Feeling to make sure that the brush is rinsed. Dancer was able to listen to hear if her brush was under the water by moving it back and forth under the stream of water. We thought she should try flossing because with her braces she has to thread the floss in between each brace but she wasn't game for that.
We also looked at a fun web site This site has a place where you can put in any name or word and it will spell it out in Braille. It also has some games, a bio about Louis Braille, and the kids Hellen Keller Kids Museum online.

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