Sunday, January 4, 2009

Make your own paper

For Christmas I got a paper recycling kit. Here is what you need to make recycled paper: water, shredded paper, a tray, a food grinder, a screen and rags to soak up the water. I tore up newspaper and soaked it in water. I put it in the food grinder and Mom ground it up. I took it out of the food grinder quickly because it was leaking all over the counter. Then I poured it in a tray. I put a form over the screen and put the screen in the paper soup. Lift the screen out of the water and take off the screen. Put it on a cloth and flip the cloth over to take the paper off the screen. Press down on the paper with another cloth to get off a lot of the water and then lift it off. Hold it in both of your hands to take it somewhere to dry. For the picture I held it like this but I didn't carry it over to dry this way. That is the process. I made 6 sheets of paper. They look like laundry lint.


Unknown said...

Very cool! I remember making paper like this when I was in school. I hope you'll post when you use the paper.

Dana Leeds said...

Great job! The paper looks wonderful! And, it looks like fun. :-)