Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Eve Party!!!

We had a rip roarin' celebration here!! .......there was a lot of excitement.....we had to turn them away at the door....the clean up took hours.....we were the talk of the neighborhood......Well, it was not anything you would call the police to come out and break up. Actually, if the police had come they would have knocked at the door and wondered if anyone was even home. We spent the evening in our usual New Years mode of watching movies all night and eating puppy chow (see the side bar for the recipe). Our norm is to have crab legs and then watch movies but Dad worked this year. The weather hasn't been very good so he has just been throwing on his scrubs when he gets up and leaving right away so that he has plenty of time to navigate the roads. So this year we skipped the crab legs and had hot dogs. The kids and I watched 4 - 5 movies. Spark made it to just after midnight and Dancer stayed up watching a movie until 3:30. How do I know this? I was up with her. Every time I said I was going to bed she would say just until 2:00, then just until 2:30, finally at 3:00 I could hold out no longer and went to bed. From 3:15 till 3:30 she came in to tell me how the movie ended. At 3:30 we finally drifted off into slumber. It won't be too many more years until she wants to be out with friends, doing who knows what, for New Year's so I am thankful for (even if they are late) nights that she is still excited to be with just her brother and me. Spark at the stroke of midnight when the ball dropped. He is holding his breath so that he is still breathing 2008 air in 2009. The kids made a nest of the floor in front of the t.v. with blankets, pillows, their Webkinz and other animals. This was an exciting as it got!

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