Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Salt Dough and creations

The kids love working with play-doh. Today I made them salt dough so that they can paint and keep what they created.

It is made from 1 cup of salt, 1 cup warm water and two cups of flour. Combine the water and salt and allow to sit to let the salt dissolve. It doesn't completely dissolve but give it a minute or two. Add the flour and stir. We made ours in the Kitchen Aid mixer and mixed it until it was soft and no longer sticky. Keep covered until it is being used or it drys our quite quickly.

Work on a cookie sheet so that the sculptures don't have to be moved after they are created.

Big projects need crumpled up aluminum foil inside of them. These baked at 200 degrees for about four hours. Then the painting begins! Spark is painting a rainbow snowman.
All of their finished work. Dancer is going to make a heart mobile that is why there are so many hearts.

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Larry Clemons said...

I love the idea of salt dough creations and I have had many of the more 3D ones "go bad" after a while. The idea of using a crumpled aluminum core is pure genius!