Friday, December 19, 2008

Jesse Tree Day 13 - King David

Day 13 was King David. King David was a man who was a great follower of God and he wasn't afraid to show it. He sang loudly and danced delightfully in public to praise God and didn't care who thought he was displaying unseemly behavior.
The kids made crowns to remind us that when praising God it is for a party of one, God, not to worry what those around you think of how you are praising God. Dancer has a beautiful t-shirt that says "Praise God with Dancing" to remind us the rest of the year. Our example was to look at the crowd at a football game. People don't mind looking strange or crazy to support their favorite team, even going so far as to painting their bodies, wearing wigs, etc. Why would we need to be self conscience praising God?
To make the crown we used a flexible but stiff piece of cardboard, a pop case was perfect for this. Cut it out in a crown shape and stapled it in a circle, these are about the size of a half dollar. Then they covered it with tacky glue and sprinkled with gold glitter.
They used red and green glitter glue, we love that stuff, to make emeralds and rubies. Super easy.

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