Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Jesse Tree Day 4 - Noah and the flood

The fourth day of the Jesse tree is about the flood and Noah. The kids orated the story of the world being so sinful that God brought the great flood to wipe out all living things except he saved Noah and his family. To know when they could come back off the ark and start life again Noah sent out a dove. When the dove didn't come back they knew the water was receding off the land. To remember that God gives second chances we made doves to symbolize the dove that Noah sent out. The doves we made were just a simple outline of a dove cut out of white felt. Using sparkly glitter glue, each side was thinly covered to make the felt stiff. A hanger attached completes the project. This was very, very simple except that it took a long time for the glue to dry on the felt.

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