Friday, December 26, 2008

What a Thrill!!

We had so much excitement today!!! We drove 55 mph!!!! Big deal you say. It has been about three weeks since the roads were good enough to go that fast. Our top speed has been about 40 mph and on the township roads you are risking your life by going any faster than 25 mph. Tonight though the temps have started to plunge again and the roads are icy. The Dad saw a four car pile up on the road on his way to work. That was the road that, just hours before, we reached the break neck speed of 55 mph. There was a mist that fell all day and fog. Visibility was about a quarter to half of a mile. This is our house, mostly it just shows one of our garages from this angle, notice the clear but wet roads. Again, that is our place on the left. This is how the roads have looked the past weeks, snow packed and slippery. It seems snow has fallen almost every day in some amount. Temperatures have been sub zero, or just above, which makes it too cold for salt on the roads to work and the road crews have been very conservative with the sand.

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