Monday, December 1, 2008

The Jesse Tree Day 2 - Creation Adam and Eve

The second day of the Jesse tree is about the first Father and making the earth. The kids orated the story of the creation and Adam and Eve. The ornament they made was the world. First, they drew the land masses on a Styrofoam ball with pencil. Dad and Spark were really getting into this part, especially over in Europe. Then using blue and green sequence the pinned the sequences into the ball. Not to be out done, Dancer added a blue sequence for the great lakes. They used two packs of 600 pins and several packs of the sequence so it took a lot to get the balls covered. To spare their thumbs they used pencil erasers to push the pins into the balls. To hang it on the tree we will attach a ribbon on the top. The earths turned out really cool and sparkly. They should look great at night with the lights of the tree.

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