Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's over, we have separated

My beloved and I are officially separated. It was a hard decision but one that had to be made. These hard economic times were what drove the wedge between us. No longer do I get up in the morning and first thing reach for his smoothness to fill my hand. I don't hear his relief as I open his top. My days are void of much of the pleasure I use to find in them, my evenings shallow and lonely. We no longer ride together in the car. Him sitting next to me just waiting for me to reach over and grab him every now and then drinking in all he had to offer. The first few days he was gone his absence made me so tired, to get over his not being part of my life anymore I would just nap the afternoons away. His charm that use to make me so alert was replaced by horrible headaches that constantly reminded me how great he had been. Oh, how I still miss him. We have meet in restaurants and snack bars a couple of times. Once, when he couldn't be there, I even had a tryst with his mortal enemy, whose name I can't print here but who's initials are D.P. I felt like a flea on a dog's belly but I couldn't help myself,- I needed to be reminded of him. I saw him at the store the other day. I unashamedly ran to him, I just had to reach out and run my fingers over him, I didn't care who saw us. Perhaps time will fill the hurt I feel over this separation of ours. But for now, goodbye my beloved, I love you, I miss you, and I hope that some way, some how we can find a way to be together again.

My beloved

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