Friday, December 5, 2008

The Jesse Tree Day 5 - Promise to Abram

Day 5 was about the call and promise to Abram. Dancer read aloud Genesis 12:1-7 and 15:1-6. These verses tell us about how God made promises to Abram, one of which was that he would have more heirs than the stars he could see in the sky. To symbolize this promise we made tin star hangings. Here is how we did it. Using pie pans draw a star on the bottom of the pan using anything blunt that will leave a pattern of a star but not any ink on the pan. We used the non writing end of a Sharpe. Then using a kitchen shears cut out the stars. First we tried a utility knife, which worked well, but the shears seemed safer and made a nicer cut. Next was to get holes in the tin to be able to attach the stars together with string. To do this we used a needle, put the star on top of a tissue box and pushed the needle through the tin. To save her fingers from a poke, Dancer balled up a tissue and then pushed down on the needle. It was a bit hard to get through the tin. Once all the holes are in the stars, tie the stars together with thread. We used a light blue so that from a distance it is hard to see the thread and it looks like the stars suspended in mid air. These were a bit more difficult than we thought they would be, probably just because of our choice of materials. Spark needed a lot of help but Dancer was able to do it on her own.
Spark brought his rabbit Creamy in the house today. Creamy will open an envelope if you hold it in front of him. He just starts at one end and gnaws his way to the other. Creamy is a pretty big rabbit. If he had long legs he would be about the same size as the dog Nikki. He probably even weights more than she does, he is quite round. Here he is as a baby. This is the only rabbit that comes in the house. Spark became attached to him so he gets played with a lot and is quite tame compared to some of our others.

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