Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fa la la la la la la la la

The 4-H club our kids belong to went caroling last night at a local nursing home. This simple activity was so much fun. We strolled up and down the hall in our unrehearsed voices singing a vast array of Christmas songs and hymns. The people there were so excited to see the kids. Many of them sang and clapped along with smiles lighting up their faces like children on Christmas morning. One woman gleefully joined us in singing and meandering the different wings of the building. When we were moving out of her unit and into another, she said we hadn't sang our whole book yet and we shouldn't leave. Several people came out of their rooms and asked us in to sing for them. The staff were putting their arms around residents and singing with them. One man commented how romantic we sounded. He was alone, but he looked like in his mind that all his loved ones over the years were there with him in his memories. This very well may become our favorite Christmas memory this year.

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