Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ice luminary

Many mornings the goat water hasn't frozen in the middle by the ground, or Dad pours hot water on top of it for the goats to get a quick drink before dumping it out. This morning when he poured out the water, the hole it was really big from the goats sticking their heads in there. Usually Spark goes out there with a hammer and smashes it to smithereens, that must be some boy thing. Today he spared it and brought it up to the house. The hole in the middle of today's was the span of his hand. He tipped it out and put a candle in there tonight to make a this beautiful luminary. Do you think that is how Martha Stewart makes hers?

More excitement in the barn - a rabbit finally took care of some babies! Oreo is the mother, who is either a wonderful doting mom and has raised many successful litters, or she pushes them out of the cage to their death which she has also done to many litters. These bunnies are 11 days old and it is the first we have pulled one out of the nest in hopes of her staying interested in them. It is about 8 inches long and 5 inches around, the eyes look like they are just about to open in the next day or two at the most. They are growing fast as they start out about the size of a breakfast sausage. As far as we could tell there were four of them. The fact that Spark loves eggs is an understatement. He would eat them every morning if I would make them for him. However, I don't appreciate messing up a big pan to make one egg. At the store yesterday he spied this cute little pan. Now he can have one of his hard shelled beauties (that is what he calls eggs) every single morning if he so desires.

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