Saturday, December 13, 2008

Misery loves company

Spark sat holding his finger until past 9 o'clock last night. Then he goes in the bathroom, comes out with the blue finger nail polish (Dancer loves polish and we have almost every color available to man) and sets it gingerly on the table. "Mom, you can make your finger blue too" he says while making an incredibly cute face. So to make him feel better I paint the middle finger on my left hand. Dancer also joins in the pity party and paints hers as well. Dad gets home from work this morning and Spark tells him, "I don't recommend slamming your finger in the door, just use the polish". Now we are all sporting a blue fingernail. It seems to be working as his finger is much better today. If the nail ends up falling off he will have to endure that on his own!

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