Sunday, December 28, 2008

Go ahead, throw rotten tomatoes

This week it wasn't tomatoes but apples that we got. It is not unusual for us to come home and find bags of rotten veggies on our front steps, or to be somewhere and someone to say "I have something for you" and it is a bag of over ripe produce. We just smile and say "thanks!" The goats were elated over a big bag of apples, quite a treat in the middle of winter. It was a nice enough day that the ducks came out of their lean-to from the back of barn. When it is really cold they just sit back there out of the wind and snow waiting for room service to deliver. Their pool has a heater in it like the kind that go in bird baths only bigger, but it has been too cold for it to keep the top few inches from freezing. Spark poured some hot water in the pool while the ducks waited in the wings - ha! get it "in the wings." I do have a funny once in a while. Anyway, they waddled over to get a much anticipated drink and to swim a bit. They slipped around on the ice like penguins and all ended up in the middle on top of each other. The water wasn't deep enough for them to dip their heads under and get a decent bath in but they did spend a lot of time preening after getting out.

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April said...

Our birds refuse to even walk on the snow!