Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter stalactites

Spark here writing about winter stalactites. AKA, although not as exciting, the common icicle. It is not easy to find winter stalactites, you must have a high deck and lots of snow and a little hot day. The next day you might find some winter stalactites under your deck. I found these today when I was outside playing. They are so cool, I ran right in the house and yelled for Mom and Dancer to get the camera and come quick. Well, I guess they wouldn't have melted it's cold out again, but it sounded more dramatic and yelling got them moving pretty fast to see what was happening.
Here is Dancer under the deck with the stalactites.
This is me holding one of them, sometimes I like to pretend they are swords. A couple of them were hollow at the ends, I don't know how that happened.
The winter stalactites can get bumpy, those are my favorite ones. I held myself back and didn't knock them all down, they are still there.
This is Vidalia. She likes when it is warmer outside. She doesn't hang at the door trying to get in every time it opens.

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