Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Jesse Tree Day 9 - Moses in the reeds

Day 9 - Moses. We choose to focus on his birth and how all little boys at the time we suppose to be killed. Moses' mother was able to keep him a secret for 3 months and then put him a basket before setting him adrift in the dangerous Nile river. He was then rescued, given back to his mother to be taken care of and later raised by the most predominate family at the time. He goes on to do great works for God. We decided to make a baby Moses in his basket. This will symbolize for us that, even as a baby, God can have great plans for our lives, plans we are being prepared for and we don't even know it. We want to be reminded to always do our best and take each opportunity that is given us assuming that in some way it is readying us to fulfill our jobs for God.
Using a small jar lid for the basket structure, cut out a circle of felt that is big enough to cover the edges of the lid and overlap into the middle of the lid. Glue the lid down to the felt. Fill the middle of the lid with tacky glue and fold the felt inward so that all parts get glue on them and it sticks securely. A little bead with a face drawn on it works well for the baby. Tuck the bead into the folds of the felt so he looks comfy. Cut a little square of felt in another color felt and glue it on for his blanket. Glue a ribbon on the back for a hanger. This was super simple and cost almost nothing.

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