Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Jesse Tree Day 8 - Joseph and his brothers

The story for today was about Joseph. The kids know the story very well and we have studied it a couple of times before. To avoid the same old, same old focus on his coat that is usually thought of when Joseph is mentioned, we choose instead to focus on the sacks of grain he gave to his brothers when the came asking for grain, not realizing it was their brother they were petitioning to. The kids had some great insight on what may have taken place for the brothers, Jacob, Reuben, Simeon, and Joseph. The ornament they made today was sacks of grain. They decided that the sacks would represent humility, forgiveness, guilt, fear, honoring parents, and living and dealing with the retributions of past sins.
Dancer whipped up these little bags on the sewing machine quickly. She had a rectangle piece of fabric and folded each end down the make a casing. Folded it in the middle to make the bottom and sewed up the sides.

Spark threaded a ribbon in the casing with a large upholstery needle.

Next he stuffed them with batting,

and pulled the tops tight.

All that was left was to hang them on the tree.

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