Thursday, January 8, 2009

Who am I? Just look in my bedroom.

By Dancer

The words funky and fun could be used because I have a fuzzy green headboard on my bed. A cool shade hangs from my light. It is two tiers of different hues of purple circles that hang down. My room is painted dark lavender and lime. Two walls are lime and two are dark lavender. Fairies play in my fuzzy headboard, dance from strings on the ceiling, and perch atop my curtains, mirror and bulletin board. Pink wooden flowers hold back my drapes to let the light glisten in. I designed my own room when I was eight and I still love it.

By looking at pictures on my shelves and bulletin board you can tell I lead an active life. I have pictures of the last three dance classes I've been in. A picture of all the showlines at the Nexstar competition last year is on my bulletin board. Pictures of my basket ball team from the last two years are also on my shelves. On my bulletin board hangs a photo of my team after a winning game. A number that was pinned on my shirt for a 5K is also tacked up there. On the floor by the food of my bed lays my dance bag full of shoes waiting to be grabbed for Tuesdays dance rehearsals. The knob of my closet door is where a basket ball jersey with the number 54 hangs in pride during the basketball season.

Before even stepping in the premises of my room it is obvious that I love to draw. I have numerous drawings taped to my door. On the gallery of my door are pictures of fabulous, fly eating frogs, an adorable hippo with a feather tucked behind her ear, Nikki, and a shield adorned with a fairy. Decoupaged on the top of my dresser are more work of art that I have drawn and colored.

A few other things that would be obvious is that I like goats, Neopets, frogs, painting ceramics, purple and green (my favorite colors) and I am a little bit messy.

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