Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bird Dance

We ran around today like chickens with our heads cut off. This morning started early with a basketball game at a school that is 40 minutes to our west. The driving there was fine but by the time we started home, which was only 10:45, all that had changed. There were cars in the ditches on both sides of the freeway. We get home, grab a quick lunch, get Dancer all dolled up for a dance show. The dance show is 40 minutes to the east and by now the roads are horrible. We drove 35 mph on the way to the show. There was a 2 o'clock and a 6 o'clock show. We were very fortunate that Grandma was staying in a hotel there and we were able to relax in her room between the shows. One of the dances they performed was one where they are birds. It is really quite a cool dance. Here are pictures of the costumes. This is Dancer and one of her friends from class.
Spark and Grandma in the stands during the intermission

Spark was a wonderful brother and bought his sister a rose. He even wrote her a card.

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