Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Going to the chapel and he's gonna get married

Spark, for an eight year old, spends a lot of time thinking about getting married. He already has his wedding all planned out. He and his bride will get married under our apple trees while standing on a log. The apple trees sound romantic but not sure what the log is for. He also wants lots of children, but only girls.

Tonight he and I were driving in the car alone to pick up Dancer from an activity. Out of the blue he says to me, "what do you think I will do for a job when I grow up?" Now, this is a boy who puts way more effort into avoiding doing chores than it would take to do them, and he is thinking of full time work. I guess that is encouraging. He comes up with things like, make t-shirts (he doesn't even like to wear clothes), work for Webkinz, write a comic strip ("if they are still in style then"), be a math teacher or grow and sell potatoes. I said to him maybe he could stay home with his kids and his wife could go to work everyday. Oh no, he says quickly, he would never expect her to work. Besides his kids need to be homeschooled because he doesn't ever want them to have to go to school. And as an after thought he threw in, "and we will have a lot of video games". It made me happy to hear that he appreciates the way we live and that he wants to duplicate it in a family of his own.

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