Saturday, January 3, 2009

Before and almost after

The bathroom is a room we have done nothing with since moving here close to four years ago. Didn't even change the curtain, I like it why change it. The people we bought the house from must have tore off wall paper, primed the dry wall white and called it a day. Today while strolling through Walmart I looked at the paint that has been mixed but the buyer didn't like the color and they put it for sale really cheap. Picked out a color and came home to paint. We ran short but can get a little can tomorrow at the hardware store to match and finish up the one wall. Tried to make the corners with clean lines in case we can't match it perfectly. I really do have good intentions about finishing this because we are notorious for starting projects, not finishing them and getting use to having half painted rooms or whatever we are working on.

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