Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I don't think I heard you right

We were working with misnomers, something with a name that doesn't fit it, and here are some the ones the kids came up with. Spark really got into this activity and a lot of them are his ideas.
  • Football - not played with feet, we thought tackleball would be a better fit
  • Egg plant - doesn't come from an egg, doesn't look like an egg

  • Star fish - not a fish

  • Clown fish - got the fish part right but where's the clown

  • wagon - nothing wags on it

  • flea market - that would be called a dog

  • shooting stars

  • peanut butter - not butter

  • firefly - they are really beetles

  • kitchen counter - doesn't count anything

  • computer mouse - a no, our mouse doesn't even have a tail

  • killdeer - a bird and they are are too little to kill a deer

  • hog wash - what a grandparent says and they aren't washing a hog when they say it

  • funny bone - yeah right, there is not laughing when that baby gets banged

  • Beanie Babies - they have plastic beads in them not beans

  • pigtails - whoever looked at a hair style on a cute little girl and thought it looked like a pig tail?

So as Glenn Beck puts it, "say what you mean and mean what you say"

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