Monday, March 9, 2009

Visions of seedlings danced in their heads

We went to the farm store today to get some milk replacer for the little goat. The mother is just not taking to him. She paws at him and butts him. What a mean momma. She talking care of the little white one but not this dark one. He will live in the house the first few days here until we can ready a spot for him in the barn and we will have to bottle feed him.

While we were there, I looked over the garden section. By this time of year I just get this longing to start digging in the dirt and get things going. Since we market garden we usually mail order all our seeds in large bulk lots which come in plain paper packs, not the fancy, shiny packs with alluring picture on the front. I did pick up a pack of Swiss chard seeds, I just couldn't help myself. Oh spring, please get here soon! And here is the real kicker, the forecast is for a foot of snow tomorrow.

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