Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just Thursday - around the barn

Milking Elizabeth. We call this the Udder Buddy, others would call it a milking machine. The Udder Buddy has made milking so much more enjoyable. Both the Dad and I had terrible hand and arm pain from milking by hand so we invested a couple of years ago in a milker. Also, we drink our milk raw and the milker cuts way down on the amount of contaminants that could get in the milk.
This little guy, Sebastian, couldn't wait until we could get him out of the stall before needing a bit of breakfast. He eats about twice what the other goat does. He had a lot of trouble sucking or swallowing the first three days so our thought is that he is making up for lost time.

This is Eeyore thoroughly enjoying his breakfast. Dancer usually feeds him and he follows her around like she is his mom. If she gets out of his sight he cries and runs around looking until he sees her and then runs right over looking relieved that she is near.

This is one of the little bunnies that was born last week. We hadn't looked at them before so that the mom wouldn't stop feeding them if they had a foreign smell. Some rabbits are very sensitive to that and others could care less if you handle thier babes. This is her second litter, but the first ones that she has kept alive, so we decided to leave them alone. They are born bald and don't move very well. These are already fully furred and they are moving all over in the nesting box so we checked them out. The eyes aren't quite open yet but they should be in a day or two and then they will start coming out of the box on their own. When they are little like this you can really see that they are part of the rodent family. I don't think they are very cute until their ears start standing up.
And this was huge shock to me today. I came in from the barn and Spark was doing some school work on his own! He also asked if he could unload the dishwasher for me tonight. What is going on here?! Maybe I should just enjoy it and not ask any questions.

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Brenda @ Tie That Binds Us said...

Eeyore is my favorite! If you need someone to pet sit, just let me know ; )