Monday, March 30, 2009

Sometimes he thinks outside of the box

Spark is putting the Reynolds Wrap away tonight and reads the label that says "Trusted since 1947". "Hmm," he says "I wonder why they weren't trusted before 1947"?

After his bath, we all smelled like charcoal after our Roman lunch, he is getting dressed and yells out, "Where is slash"? I don't know I tell him. Not giving up he asks again, and so now I ask who Slash is. He has a ton of stuffed animals and they all have names, I assume he lost one and I don't have a clue which one is Slash. "No.......where...... is........ slash," he says slowly like that will help me understand. He comes out of his room with his underwear and shows me the label. "See, it says made in /." What was really printed on the tag was 'made in / hecho en Bangladesh'. We got that one straightened out and got in a little lesson in Spanish. Now, that is a teachable moment!

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