Thursday, March 12, 2009

We interupt this homeschool for more goat babies

The other night the weather forecast was for -6 degrees. Unfortunately, that forecast was wwwwaaaayyyy off, it got down to -24 degrees. Two of our little goats did not make it, so last night we brought in the other little one. This morning when we went out there, there were two new ones laying there extremely cold and hardly moving. We brought them in the house, put them in the bath tub with warm water, blow dried them, rubbed them vigorously, sat them in front of the space heater and tried to get them to eat. It took over 5 hours, but we got them up walking and eating! A good reason to skip school don't you think? Tonight, just to be safe, we have four of them in the house. It's like a little goat nursery in here.

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