Friday, May 22, 2009

From yard to garden

The amount of the yard that we use for recreational purposes is very small. Since we don't need as much yard as we have, we decided to turn a sunny spot behind a garage into more garden space. We market garden and it seems we never have enough room to plant all we want to put in so this will be a nice addition. I also like that it is closer to the house so not so far to drag the hose for watering.

We had hardly gotten started and Dancer ran right over with the rake to start helping.

Spark, not so much, he sat on the gas tank and watched us. Sometimes it takes a stick of dynamite to get that kid to help. Hopefully age will help with that.

Dancer worked super hard pulling the grass clumps out of the dirt and she had the dirty face to prove it. It was really dusty, it didn't seem like there was a drop of water in the dirt. There was so much snow this winter and rain in April that we were optimistic that the trend of precipitation would follow for the summer. As our neighbor says, and now Spark echos him everytime we complain about the rain, "that's farming!"

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