Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nervous jitters

Dancer had dance try outs today and she has been so nervous for days. The last couple of weeks she has been working very hard to get some new tap steps, leaps, and turns looking polished and increasing her flexibility. The try outs were two hours long and when I went to pick her up she felt she had done well. Now she waits. The letter on which level she will be placed won't come in the mail until after May 11th. We thought she worked really hard and did a great job preparing so this morning Dad stopped and got her a gorgeous red rose. I was very proud of her attitude afterwards. She was telling me about what level she hopes to be placed in and how she felt she did well enough to make that level. I asked her what she would do if when the letter came she didn't make it. She said that then she would just have to work harder this next year and try again and that she wouldn't quit dancing even if she was disappointed. In my mind, with that attitude, she is a great dancer.


Sarah Anne said...

Tell her good luck from me! I know how dance try outs go. Talk about nerve wracking!

Anonymous said...

I hope she never stops dancing. To dance is to stay young forever.