Friday, May 1, 2009

Home repair

Looking at this scene of utter devestation you might be thinking "hurricane, F5 tornado, maybe earthquake?" No, this fine bunny bungalo was demolished by a hungry dairy goat (a case of udder devestation).

When the goats are let out of their pen they run straight for the milking stand, without regard for where they are supposed to be going. In the mad rush to get to the empty grain bowl a greedy goat leaped onto a rabbit's cage to beat it's goat buddys to the snacks.

The unlucky resident was moved to an empty cage, but now with lots of babies on the way we needed this cage. The battered and bent panels were straightened and reassembled for a soon to be new mother.

Check out the newly refurbished Rabbit Ranch Royale--One bedroom. Great views!! Eat in kitchen. Plenty of room for the growing family. How many bathrooms? Why it's all bathroom!!!!
We hope this helps to alleviate our country's housing crisis, as long as the rabbit doesn't go for the subprime mortgage.

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