Monday, May 4, 2009

If the chicken can't get to the worm, bring the worm to the chicken

Digging in the garden tonight uncovered a plethora of worms. Spark found a little jar lid to put a couple of worms and nice plump, juicy, grub in. Over to the chicken coop we took the little worms, who had no idea what fate was awaiting them there. We threw them in to the coop one at a time and chickens just went loco. One of them would score a worm and run around trying to find a place to devour it before one of their cohorts could get a nibble of it. A couple of the chickens would even jump and pluck them out of our outstretched fingers. We had forgotten what a fun activity chicken worm feeding is. So out came a ice cream pail and another digging implement to get even more worms. We spent a long time digging up spots in the garden and yelling gleefully whenever we spotted one of the little creepy crawlers. Back to the coop we went after we had filled the bottom of the bucket for Worm Feeding round two. Now that the chickens knew what was up for grabs, they were really ready to go head to head. This was country entertainment at it's finest!

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Anonymous said...

That sounds hilarious! I would love to see such a sight.