Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer - Bring it on!

Our official school year is over. Who was I trying to kid, keeping Spark inside and focused was like trying to hold a cat underwater. The nanosecond my attention was else where he was out the door. And who can blame him, we had seven months of snow this year. The summer will consist of math, Latin and history. Spark, if he works diligently at both math and Latin, can be done in about half an hour a day and Dancer, give or take an hour. She actually enjoys math so it shouldn't be hard to keep her motivated. Past summers have proven that if we don't keep up on those subjects we spend about a month grumpily in the fall getting back to where we were in the spring. History will also continue because we love it and it doesn't seem like school work. We will also continue to read, check backpacks full of items out of the library and listen to books on tape in the car. Video games are nixed for the summer. I will assume if someone wants to sit inside and play a video game that they are bored and I should find them something to do. My kids know better than to say they are bored because what I find them to do is an extra chore or two. Ahh, let the summer begin.

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