Wednesday, June 24, 2009

25 year highschool class reunion

The postcard came in the mail announcing that yes, it has been 25 years since we thought we knew it all and were ready to conquer the world. The Dad and I graduated from the same high school the same year (yes, we were high school sweethearts). Will we go? At this point we are thinking not. Our class was small by some standards, about a 100 people, and I helped organize the 20 year and so really caught up with what people were doing. I am sure there will be some changes, a few deaths, perhaps a midlife baby or two and by this time there should be grandchildren's pictures to show off. But we are busy and for the most part, our fellow classmates are strangers to us now. Sure, I send Christmas cards to a few of those who were good friends at that time in our lives, but otherwise they are people I have seen twice in the last 25 years.

This got me thinking about our kids who won't have class reunions. No pressure about am I done with college at the five year, do I have an impressive enough job at the 10 year, am I married with kids and a beautiful home at the 15, can I loose some weight before the 20 year and how old will I look compared to my classmates at the 25? It could be another benefit to homeschooling!

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