Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stray Bears

Stray cats have shown up in our yard now and again, but never bears. The road in front of our house is a county road and along one side of it is a minimum maintenance road. Where the two roads meet at the corner, these two bears were carefully propped up together in the ditch. It was a sad sight as we have been having rain for the last day and half and they were quite wet before we spotted them out there. We brought them in and gave them a tumble in the dryer. Both are about three feet tall so we wonder if they just weren't too big for their home. Our other theory is since the white bear has "heart" Day 2006 on his foot that a love has gone dreadfully wrong and the owner just couldn't 'bear' look at it any more with out being overwhelmed with deep heart break. Leaving them out in the rain was a testimony to the despair they were feeling over the relationship. The bears aren't talking so we will never know the truth about how they landed themselves in the ditch of a rural country road. Perhaps I will get the kids to write an adventure story about them.

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