Monday, June 8, 2009

Planting delicious onions the easy way

Friends, are you tired of bending over to plant row after row of onions? Sick of scrubbing muddy stains from the knees of your garden pants? Does every bite of home "groan" onions send your back into spasms from the memory of planting?

"Suffer no more friends!!!! The job of planting onions will make the family scattering no more. Once you purchase the All New Handy Dandy Little Giant Onion Planter your family will gather around to see why you whistle while you work. They'll gaze in wonder as you plant perfectly spaced and depthed (depthed???) onions."

OK. The kids will probably mutter "that's neat Dad" before wandering off to do something more interesting, but it is nice not having to bend over to plant each onion. The Dad is not to fond of planting onions as each one has to be placed in a shallow trench -- root side down. Not to deep or the bulb will never get big, not to far apart of you will do way to much weeding.

If one drops the onion from waist high it will, more often than not, land wrong side up. The same is true with potatoes and gladiolas, there are just so many more onions in each row. The new onion planter is really just a pipe with a diameter about 2 and 1/2 times bigger than the onion. That way the onion stays right side up as it falls through the pipe but won't get stuck. The onion makes a cool noise as it falls through the pipe for a special bonus feature.
So far, so good. Onions do require lots of thorough, diligent during the season. No new tool for that. Yet.
Here are our 840 onions in nice straight rows.

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