Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fish tales

We went fishing tonight at a pier in town. This is Dad, Dancer and Spark at the end of pier. There a couple of these and few docks around town for fishing at.
The wind was really whipping, even Sparks short hair was blowing back.
This is what the kids call their secret fishing spot. Two other kids were over there so I don't know how "secret" it really is.

Spark always wants to go fishing. He asks to go fishing. Then when we get to the lake he looses most of his interest before the lines even have leeches on. He mostly runs around creating havoc. This includes, but is not limited to, him falling in, the bait getting knocked over, a pole falling in, yelling, running on the dock and just being an annoying little brother.
There was a beautiful sunset.
The fish weren't biting at the pier so we moved to another lake that has a dock. Here is the kids sitting at the end of the dock.
Dancer was excited she caught a big one!

Dancer out on the dock. She loves to fish and would every morning and evening if someone would take her. She expects them to be biting though and she has the knack to get them. Even when the rest of us are standing with our lines dangling in the water without any nibbles, she is pulling them in.

It kept getting darker and darker, to where it was hard to even see the bobber in the water, but Dancer and Dad just wanted to try "one more time".

The mosquitoes starting coming in so Spark and I walked back and waited in the car for Dancer and Dad to decide they were done. It is hard to imagine that in just eight years Spark will be sitting over there and actually driving.

Dancer's big large mouth bass. She caught 3 and Dad caught 1 that were worth keeping. This was very exciting because we always catch a lot of fish but rarely, very rarely, do get any that are "keepers". Last year, for the whole summer, we caught a meager three that we kept. The fish go in the freezer and then when we have a couple saved up, we thaw them out and fry them.

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