Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dinner and a movie

Tensions have been running high around here the last week for some reason so tonight we decided to take the kids to dinner and a movie. We told them we were going to go to town to get tabs for the car and to get ready to go. The town we went to is about 35 minutes away and when we got there about 5:30 we said "oh, they must close at 5:00 but since we are here let go out to eat." Our dining experience was an over priced Chinese buffet. In the whole restaurant there was one other couple when we came in. As they were leaving they came over to ask us where a store was because they weren't from there. As we were leaving one other couple had just come in. Seems everyone knew it was over priced except for people from out of town. The kids had a good time though and so we called it a success. The restaurant was right across the street from the movie theater and so as we were eating the Dad said "To bad there isn't anything else to do in town since we came all this way. They don't have a rodeo, an amusement park or even a movie theater." The kids jumped all over that one and pointed out the theater. Well, how convenient. We went over the to just look at the theater and then we opened the doors and went in. The kids were really surprised and excited. We choose the movie UP. It starts out sad but ends up being a cute, happy story. The movie was in 3D so we had to get the glasses to wear. There is a racket. A dollar to rent these glasses and then you have to give them back at the end of the movie. Didn't feel to bad about handing them back over as they were made of hard plastic and cut in to all of our ears. We had never seen a 3D picture before and it sure makes the screen come to life. Spark was especially cute in his glasses because they were so big and I didn't have the camera with!

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Sandra said...

It has been many years since we paid to see a movie, but that is bad that they make you pay for the glasses! Here they have free summer movies at the theatres in surrounding towns. They are free for summer and you can get a popcorn and drink for just a dollar each. My kids like to do this and so do I.