Saturday, June 20, 2009

Town festival = fun, fun, fun

Our town had it's summer festival and it was packed with activities from sun up to sun down. The kids and Dad went to the the fishing contest at the beach early in the morning. Each caught a fish but not big enough to win one of the big prizes. They each came home with a bag full of tackle which they thought was a wonderful prize on it's own. Next, they were off to the minnow races were Dancer's minnow came in first place twice and she won a bottle of water. Very nice prize when the temp is well above 80 degrees and the sun is beating down.

Our church had free games for kids under 10 years old. We were part of the planning for this so we spent most of the afternoon setting up and then running the games. We decided to go with an old fashion theme so there were sack races, here is Spark racing in his sack, egg on the spoon race, jump ropes, hula hoops, three legged race, train ride pulled with a 4 wheeler, balloons, and freezies for the whole family. Then we zoomed home to put our wagon together for the parade. The overall theme for the festival was "Go Green" so we used that on our 4-H sign as a hint to join 4-H. To make things as simple for everyone each family designed their own wagon and we pulled them down the route to not use any gas and be 'green' while the kids threw candy to the parade watchers.

The night ended with a street dance and fabulous fireworks display. One of the great thing about living in a small town in that when you are in town there is always someone you know so we got a lot of good visiting in as well.

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