Monday, June 15, 2009

Exciting day for Spark

Spark had two exciting things happen to him today. First, he started basketball camp. He will go every day this week for 2 1/2 hours and run around a gym with 25 other boys to learn how to be basketball stars. He thought it was the greatest thing and can't wait to go back again tomorrow.

Second, he sold two of his rabbits. A couple of weeks ago he put a Bunnies for Sale sign out by the road and waited patiently for some one to stop and buy them. There were 16 he could sell and I think he was surprised that the first 16 cars that went speeding by didn't stop to buy one. Today was their last day before we were going to cull them and tonight about 6:00 a mom and little girl came to get two of them. He brought them out back to see all the rabbits he had for sale, gave them a water bottle and a hanger, and said that if they had any questions that they should just stop back and he would be happy answer any questions them might have. He was the perfect little salesman. He gets half the price that he sells them for, the other half is to pay for their food. Actually, their purchase price wasn't even close to the amount of food they have eaten but he gets a little change in his pocket and at the same time learns about business expenses.

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Sandra said...

How cute. I know when my kids have sold things or made business cards for working, they expect every phone call to be for them!! And I wish it were, but that is not life. We used to have rabbits too but we never had that many to sell at once.