Friday, June 5, 2009

How many times....

does a boy have to wash his feet before they are clean? Six. Six times. Six times of being sent back in the bathroom to rewash them. Do boys have on blinders that filter out the sight of dirt? Spark even tried to tell me during one of the foot inspections that his feet were hairy and that was the large black spot I was seeing on the side of his foot. Nice try blonde boy, go wash them again. Now Dad just came in to get him because he didn't feed and water all the rabbits and so at 10 p.m. he got his clothes back on to go out and finish. One of the few jobs Spark has is taking care of the rabbits, which can be done in about five minutes, but he has the ability to drag it out to take all evening. Anyway, I am sure he will need to wash his feet again when he gets in. Or maybe a couple of times. Hopefully not six.


Sarah Anne said...

Just like my question. How many times must you shower in one day in order to pass as clean? Four, apparently. Only my sister isn't sent back to wash behind her ears because she missed a spot. She just is a clean freak.

But being the clean freak that she is, it's interesting how she can't tidy up her room without an argument. :)

jugglingpaynes said...

Funny, but not a boy thing. My youngest does this too. I know she uses soap and water when she washes, but she always manages to clean around the actual dirt!

And then run outside barefoot. :o)

Peace and Laughter,