Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We had hay delivered today and it almost didn't get up to the barn. As the trailer was coming around the patio it sunk into the grass and stopped. We figured it to weight about 18,000 pounds so it was no match for the rain soaked ground. Using our truck we loaded the back with bales, drove it up to the barn, unloaded it, backed back down to the trailer to start the cycle all over again. It was slow going. Every time we took a few loads off the guy would try to pull the trailer out and it was to no avail. Actually, it look uncertain if he would get it out after the trailer was empty. We called the neighbor to come over and pull it with his tractor and he had the trailer out in no time. Once he got the trailer up to the barn we just threw them from the trailer unto the stack. I never thought I would call unloading hay easy but now I know it all a matter of perception! Spark went to step in the hollow the tires made to show how far down it sunk. It is about 18 inches deep at it's deepest, so about an inch for every 1000 pounds. Now what to do with the huge hole. I thought the easiest might be to put a couple tomatoes in there and fill it in with dirt from the garden.

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April said...

Wait till you dump the hay off while rounding a corner. Thats when it really gets fun. Oh-did I mention for the most fun you have to do it in an intersection of 2 gravel roads about 7 minutes before 3 school buses are due to come through??? Yee Haw!
I notice your neighbor had class--pulled it out with a John Deere!