Saturday, October 30, 2010

4-H Halloween Party

 First there was a little pre-party carving for the pumpkin contest.  The kids started this morning when Dad got home from work and by the time I came out to the kitchen the whole house smelled wonderfully like pumpkin.
 There was a haunted walk through the host's backyard.  When the kids weren't on the walk they colored pictures.  I went on the walk with the little girl in the lavender jacket, we were walking along with her holding my hand and she kept saying that is not real or that something was scary and was doing pretty good job holding herself together.  Near the end of the walk a very scary something with a chain saw came after us.  Her reaction was to turn around and climb right up the front of me so I carried her past the scary part.  Good thing she is just a little snippet of a girl.
 The pumpkins lined up for judging.  Spark and Dad's in in the front there gnawing on little, weaker pumpkins.  Their pumpkin won second place.  Dancer's is on the right.
 There was a Halloween quiz show - did you know there are blue pumpkins?  There was also costume contest, a spider craft and a guess the weight of the pumpkin. 

For the pot luck we brought gallstones with intestinal parasites (spaghetti and meatballs) with dandruff flakes (cheese) to put on the top.  It took a couple of years to collect enough dandruff for that size jar.

The kids and some of their friends.  The leader who put the party together one of the most fun people we know.  By day she is a nurse so Dancer dressed up as her.  Her name badge read Jan F. Super Nurse.  Jan got the biggest kick out of this and kept saying all night how cool it was the Dancer dressed up as her.  She also thought that Dancer should have won the costume contest.

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