Wednesday, October 27, 2010

News travels fast

I grew up in a town where if you were doing something you shouldn't be, your mom knew about before you even got home.  It's the nature of the beast in a small community.  We live in such a community now but I thought we would be immune to the gossip since we are transplants and our kids don't go to school so I didn't think that many people knew who we were. 

The kids are going to AWANA for the first time this year but not at our church.  They are going at a church in a different town but it is the same denomination.  We never said anything at our church that they were going to attend this other church's program and we don't really know anyone who goes to the AWANA church. 

About the third week, when I was waiting for the kids to get done, I started talking to one of the ladies in the entry way.  I told her my name and she said "Oh sure, my sister-in-law told me your kids were coming here for AWANA."  Really?  How in the world had news traveled down one town and back up again in three weeks?  With us saying nothing or knowing no one at this church?   We may not know them but they know us and the grapevine is alive and well around here.

As I talked with her more I found out that her sister-in-law's husband is cousins with someone else at our church who's husband's sister is our neighbor.  Obviously we aren't going to able to talk about anyone either, they are all related!

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