Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall changes all around us

This is a maple tree in our yard.  The sun was shining on it and it had the most gorgeous red and yellows.  The picture is pale in comparison.  The only place I could take a picture of it was in the shade so it didn't photograph well but I still wanted to preserve the memory.

I love the fall colors.  Our leaves are about to peak, probably by the end of the week.  A lot of trees are already bare and then a few are still holding on to their green.

We have had a hard frost.  The first frost of the fall was a hard one.  We covered our flowers but not our garden plants.  This was our pumpkin.  Now we need to get out in the garden, pull everything up and get it ready for winter. 

The frost did take care of the mosquitoes, which were very thick at night.  To celebrate the end of mosquitoes we had our first fall bonfire tonight. 


Just an Average American Mom said...

Beautiful tree. We had a frost but not a hard one as of yet.

I am ready to move from one season to the next!

Swimtaxi said...